Roy Mangersnes - Polar Bear at home


Further north then I have ever been before we encountered this beautiful Polar Bear. Perhaps he never saw a ship before and came close to check us out. After a short while he lost his interest and headed back into the open ocean ice. I never get tired of spending time with this icon of the Arctic. I hope I will see him again some day soon, and preferably in dense ocean ice.

Location: 83 degree north, Svalbard

Tags: Arctic, polar bear, roy mangersnes, sunset, svalbard

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  1. harma said:

    17/12/2013 09:00


  2. Luciano said:

    17/12/2013 09:46

    Great Roy!

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    17/12/2013 10:42

    The distant future might seem bright, if we take correct at ions, but at the moment there are only dark clouds over this amazing animal's near future.

  4. Werner said:

    17/12/2013 11:53

    Bad future prospects for this species, sure, but nethertheless a beautiful image - congrats Roy!

  5. Gabriel said:

    17/12/2013 14:14

    Beautiful, beautiful wild beauty. Congratulations

  6. Gunilla said:

    17/12/2013 14:40

    Awesome shot!

  7. Johan Van Hoof said:

    17/12/2013 17:09

    Great great shot Roy ! What a beautiful place for wildlife photography. Wish I could go there as well !
    Keep up the good work guys !

  8. Sandris Grivins said:

    17/12/2013 17:53

    What a wonderful encounter and a beautiful photograph!

  9. Roy said:

    18/12/2013 23:13

    Thank you all for these nice comments. It was a truly magic experience, and as always great to see this animal in its prime habitat.