Jaak Põder - One-day Fly


Mayflies are symbol of short-lived life, even though they actually do live quite long, nymphs generally a year or so, the short-lived part being only their adulthood. The have some very interesting (and to us, humans, dramatic) traits in them, I’ll list a few here also.

> Adult mayflies have no mouths, their digestive system is filled with air. So once they become adults they cannot eat no more, they need to survive on the energy gathered before.

> They are the only ones among insects that moult one more time after having acquired functional wings.

> They are the only ones among insects to have paired genitalia. Yes, where commonly there is 1, they have 2.

Location: Estonia

Tags: Ephemeroptera, insect, jaak poder, mayfly, ühepäevikuline

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  1. Naroa said:

    16/12/2013 21:11

    que bella fotografía de un insecto hermoso !!!!, besos

  2. Gunilla said:

    17/12/2013 14:40