Roy Mangersnes - Rim of the Polar King


On my first visit to the White Island, north east in the Spitsbergen archipelago this autumn I witnessed no less then 5 Polar Bears strolling on the rocky beach. They all looked pretty miserable, as the do at this time of the year before the return of the sea ice. Most people believe the winter is the time animals struggle, but for Polar Bears that is the time of plenty. In late summer they are in their worst condition and desperate for food. Some of them were feeding on dead seaweed, while looking carefully at the us. Not the best place to do a landing… Hopefully the ice will return soon.

Location: Kvitøya, Svalbard

Tags: polar bear, roy mangersnes, svalbard

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  1. Jonny Langmyren said:

    02/11/2013 08:49

    Wow, this was great Roy.

  2. Stefan Gerrits said:

    02/11/2013 09:46

    One of the best Polar Bear images I have ever seen! Wow!

  3. Jost Stergarsek said:

    08/11/2013 12:41

    awesome image ... black and white bear ... totally wow!

  4. Chris said:

    15/11/2013 04:49

    I'm in awe at your photos - you have amazing skill and I wish I can one day go to all the places you've been to!