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Like many wildlife photographers I am also a keen conservationist. Today there is a growing focus on climate change and the future of the Polar Bears, and many fellow photographers aim for the selling images showing wildlife on the edge of crisis. I do this myself, and I think it is important to raise awareness of the changes that we see. However, it is just as important to show the public what we like to preserve.

Being close to a courting couple of Polar Bear in dense sea ice north of Svalbard in July is a dream come true. This is what we like to preserve. This is what we would like to show our children. I think it is important to show the beauty of our natural world to the public, as people like to save what they have learnt to love. As a wildlife photographer I hope to make you care even more for our Arctic world, a world that I love!

Location: Nordaustlandet, Svalbard

Tags: Arctic, polar bear, roy mangersnes, svalbard

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