Alex Mustard - British Blue


Sometimes it is the story behind an image that makes it special to you. I took this photo of a blue shark (Prionace glauca) on Friday, but it is not the when that matters to me (although I had never photographed this species before), but there where. I photographed this shark in England and few things are more exciting for a wildlife photographer, or indeed any nature lover, than seeing something new on your home patch. Even more so when the species is as long as you, a big vertebrate and whose name contains the word shark.

My friend, Charles Hood, has discovered a location where blue sharks can be encountered reliably for a couple of months each year, although only on the few days that the weather conditions are favourable for heading way offshore into the big blue. And I was so excited to see them for myself. Blues are classic sharks, with a sleek build and a streamlined body they are ideally suited to a migratory, pelagic life. The European population has been hunted to the brink of extinction, but in the last few years there do seem to be the first green shoots of recovery. Let’s hope they continue. This is a magnificent ocean hunter, for me one of Europe’s iconic wild species, so much better encountered free and wild, than piled up on a slab in a fish market.

Location: Cornwall, England

Tags: Alex Mustard, blue shark, British Isles, england, Prionace glauca, underwater

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  1. Jost Stergarsek said:

    28/08/2013 08:53

    nature is truly a legendary designer and this fish proves it ... and this is really great shot, i like the dynamic feel of it the most.

  2. Patricia said:

    28/08/2013 08:53

    What a great photo , in his eye lies such a expressiveness !

  3. Werner said:

    28/08/2013 09:45

    Great image, great story, great link - Congrats!

  4. Matt Doggett said:

    09/09/2013 18:59

    Beautiful shot Alex. Captivating!