Alex Mustard - Barracuda 6


This school of barracuda was moving down the reef below me, when they started to head out into open water, where they started to circle, presumably for protection. Despite being predators themselves, there is always a bigger fish. I snapped this frame as they were mid-transition from being a linear school to a circular one, freezing the moment where they took on the shape of the number 6!

I took this photo as Ras Mohammed in Egypt. The barracuda are often shy and when they spot divers they regularly head for deeper waters. They also are much more likely to appear when a strong current is running. You have to be careful not to get stuck in your viewfinder and suddenly find yourself at potentially dangerous depths.

Location: Ras Mohammed, Egypt

Tags: Alex Mustard, blackfin barracuda, coral reef, egypt, red sea, Sphyraena qenie, underwater

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  1. Sandra said:

    28/07/2013 11:19

    Wow. That's impressive. It's graphic, it's elegant. Very beautiful.

  2. Oriol said:

    28/07/2013 19:16

    Stunning image!!!!!

  3. Jost Stergarsek said:

    29/07/2013 08:06

    beautiful, i love the contrast between silvery fish and black deep of the sea.