Sandra Bartocha - Ice Face


Detail of a small stream in combination with ice and light …

Location: Germany

Tags: face, ice, sandra bartocha, sunlit scene, water, winter

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  1. Lucy Corrander said:

    09/02/2013 10:45

    Like a fallen sheaf of corn.

  2. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    09/02/2013 23:48

    Hi Sandra,

    I really like your shot - but I fail to find a face...

  3. Sandra said:

    10/02/2013 09:43

    knut ...
    i saw the face in the ice part in the left ... :-)

  4. David GuimarĂ£es said:

    10/02/2013 16:46

    The colours are raw and simple, but well combined in a perfect harmony between the blackish brown and the golden redissh tones of the light reflected by the water and ice! Can I keep this one in my heart?