Theo Bosboom - composition with reed, snow and ice


So far this winter has been rainy and grey, so I had to go into the archives for a picture with ice and snow on it. Winter is a great time to photograph the details of nature and I love wandering on or around frozen ponds and lakes in search of interesting motives. In this case, I was attracted by reed that was frozen into the ice and the dots of snow around it. With my 70-200 lens, I tried to find an interesting and balanced composition.

Location: Schaarsbergen, the Netherlands

Tags: details, Holland, ice, macro, reed, snow, Theo Bosboom, winter

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    11/01/2013 10:10

    Great composition with an unusual graphics on pictures of reeds. Here in Portugal, the winter has also been very mild with temperatures quite pleasant. In photographic terms has not been very good for shooting subjects with ice and snow. Signs of the times of climate change?!

  2. David Kleinert said:

    11/01/2013 12:04

    A well composed abstract image! Nicely framed...

  3. Lauri Koivuluoma said:

    11/01/2013 12:54

    Really graphic and amazing photo made with little things!

  4. David Guimaraes said:

    11/01/2013 20:03

    Very impressive! Just love it...