Werner Bollmann - Blue Shadow


Golden Eagles are extremely shy when visiting the bait. Sometimes they sit in nearby trees for hours and hours until they dare to fly to the ground. It’s always helpful when there are plenty of ravens around, because these scavengers are even more alert and maybe they convey a sense of safety to the big birds of prey.

Location: Finland

Tags: aquila chrysaetos, blurred, eagle, finland, forest, golden eagle, snow, werner bollmann, winter

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  1. Oriol Alamany said:

    19/12/2012 08:19

    Nice and cold blur!

  2. Alex said:

    19/12/2012 10:36

    like a painting.

  3. Johan Van Hoof said:

    19/12/2012 11:08

    This is a Great Golden Eagle shot !
    Two weeks ago I was in a hide in order to photograph these beautiful birds. Ravens and magpies were on the carrion and the eagle high up in a tree, it seemed to me they couldn't stand each other but that they also use/need each other in order to survive. It was wonderful witnessing this !
    I have come back with great pictures on the CF-cards ;-)

    Keep up the good work here, like this blog/site alot.
    Visit it on a daily basis !!!! Cheers guys !!!

    Kind Regards


  4. Bruno said:

    19/12/2012 12:13

    Great! A very different and mighty shot, Werner... which I wish I had in my own hard drive... ;-)


  5. Werner said:

    19/12/2012 15:46

    Hey guys, thanks a lot!!!!

  6. LK said:

    19/12/2012 21:10

    Really nice, creative photo! Just for once someone have had courage enough to use little bit longer exposure ;)

  7. Heike said:

    19/12/2012 22:37

    WOW! That's great, Werner!

  8. David Guimaraes said:

    20/12/2012 00:15

    What a great image!!! A dazzling voyage through the mecanics of flight and a dive into the magic of art!!

  9. Luciano said:

    20/12/2012 07:56

    Great shot Werner!

  10. Andreas said:

    20/12/2012 09:11

    Hi Werner,
    Awesome! One of the most impressive shots that I saw in the last time. Really magical. This is one of those images you never get out of mind.

  11. Armando Maniciati said:

    23/12/2012 17:47

    Fantastic blue shadow!!!