Sandra Bartocha - First Snow


Relicts of an unexpected and early snow storm in November …

Location: Germany

Tags: autumn, beech forest, fall, fall colour, first snow, sandra bartocha

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  1. Oriol said:

    09/11/2012 09:59

    Hi Sandra. I can see here an interesting combination of cold and warm tones. The golden leaves say that weather is not too cold yet, but the fog and the snow suggest lower temperatures. I love these trees disappearing in the background. regards.

  2. David Guimaraes said:

    09/11/2012 19:31

    Dream image! Autumn colours, mist, snow, and beeches! I donĀ“t have nothing of this in Portugal! Dreaming, is for now what I can do by se,eing you images!

  3. patrick murphy said:

    09/11/2012 21:07

    Brilliant shot, Sandra. Luscious colour.

  4. Thorstein K. Berg said:

    10/11/2012 00:29

    Great fall colours. Love how the warm hues plays of against the cold snow on the ground. Great work!

  5. Andrei Reinol said:

    13/11/2012 14:53

    What a beauty! Full of atmosphere. Autumn against winter.

  6. Jost Stergarsek said:

    15/11/2012 14:30

    nature really must love you as she opens her soul to you ... or is it just your heart that sees it all?

  7. Sandra said:

    17/11/2012 09:27

    @ jost
    i hope nature loves me as well as i love nature. :)
    @ all
    thanks for your kind words.

  8. RV Reno said:

    19/11/2021 00:34

    this is such a striking image. This is the exact kind of thing that I got into my full time RV adventure for. I'm chasing this kind of beauty across the united states and the world. Thanks for showcasing it