Theo Bosboom - autumn lily


Being a photographer more than a biologist, I had never realized that water lilies can also get nice autumn colours. Until I saw this lily pad in a small lake in the Tresticklan national park in Sweden. The reflections in the water gave a nice colour contrast with the red stem and the yellow leave of the lily.

Location: Tresticklan, Sweden

Tags: autumn, lily pad, reflections, Sweden, Theo Bosboom, Tresticklan, water

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    31/10/2012 19:16

    An powerful graphically image! Sublime! To feel!!

  2. David Guimaraes said:

    01/11/2012 02:06

    A great visual poem, a Bosboom photo! Full of contrasts and intensity!