Theo Bosboom - Puffin portrait


I do not consider myself as a wildlife or bird photographer. Somehow I do not seem to have enough patience for it and besides that I prefer taking pictures of landscapes and details. But every now and then I enjoy trying it, especially when I am an Iceland. There the birds are a bit easier to approach and of course you have the magnificent landscapes that you can use as a background. This puffin picture was taken on Heimay, a small island south of Iceland. It is an old one, from 2006. I am not sure if it still would be easy to take pictures like this, because I heard the puffin population over there has declined dramatically, due to a decline in sand eel numbers.

Location: Heimaey, Iceland

Tags: Bird, daisies, decline, flowers, Iceland, puffin, Theo Bosboom

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    26/10/2012 13:35

    When I saw this picture for the first time I was intensely passionate about the background color and the facial expression of the Puffin. This is a bird that attracts attention, mainly because of its colorful beak (as an adult) and that makes it a photographic model that I think most photographers would love to capture with their cameras. Unfortunately, here in Portugal, only during the winter can be seen in small flocks flying over the sea and I will never have the possibility to try to do a picture like this, which is attractively superb.Undoubtedly, a great photo that gives us a beautiful gift given by nature, to our eyes, to our minds and makes us feel that sometimes "our world" is indeed a perfect place to live and enjoy!!

  2. Judyroyalglenn said:

    29/10/2012 19:35

    Great shot! You did so great, you should do it more often. Like you said, it does require a lot of patience:) Funny how I love taking photos of birds and wildlife, and I am now trying landscapes.

  3. canvas print said:

    12/11/2012 17:22

    this is a cute photo.