Theo Bosboom - Magic mushroom


Often I like to experiment a little bit with my motives, always trying to find ways to take a picture of it that reflects the essence of it better than an adequate registration would do. On a holiday in Southwest Sweden last year, I found a tiny mushroom at the edge of a small mountain stream. I tried to capture the reflections caused by the water in the background rather than the mushroom itself and put the white balance of my camera a bit cooler, with this picture as a result. And no, I didn’t eat any of them …

Location: Southwest Sweden

Tags: abstract, blue, impression, mushroom, reflection, Sweden, Theo Bosboom, water

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    11/10/2012 13:08

    Sometimes a more subjective and artistic interpretation of the real world can transform small worlds in great images, as such is the case. I really like this photo. It leads me to a world of magical sensations, surrounded by dreams and that makes me feel good spiritually. Thanks for sharing!

  2. David Guimaraes said:

    11/10/2012 21:20

    Great image Theo, a surreal insight into a world of magig that lies beneath our feats!

  3. Andrei Reinol said:

    06/11/2012 09:29

    Like a dream. Beautiful.