Emmanuel Boitier - A White Dream


Unfortunately, it seems that the Apollo is going to disappear from central France. Causes are doubtless severals but the main force is global warming. It drives the species to go up towards the summits in order to find suitable habitats. The problem is that the maximum altitude is rather low here (about 1900 m ASL) and that these highest areas are very damaged by the tourism and outdoor entertaining activities. The mathematical models indicate that the species will have disappeared before 30 years and to observe it nowadays becomes almost a dream…

Location: Auvergne, France

Tags: butterfly, Emmanuel Boitier, endangered species, insect, parnassius apollo

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    15/08/2012 11:10

    A beautiful image (mystical) of a species that probably can not survive climatic changes. One more effect of our "super success" as a species on this planet, and that will come true for many other species. Unfortunately for them and for us too!

  2. Olivier Esnault said:

    15/08/2012 11:31

    Superbe image ! l'appolon est vraiment un des plus beaux papillons d'Europe :)

  3. Tolga said:

    21/08/2012 15:34

    Beautiful shot. Peaceful almost.