Alex Mustard - Coral Reef Sunset


An Egyptian coral reef at sunset. This is a relatively simple image, but one that requires very precise conditions to shoot since it needs calm, windless conditions, a reef that grows right up to the surface and a decent sunset. I was actually running a photo workshop when I noted that the right conditions were developing and I knew a suitable location nearby to exploit them. So many of the group were able to produce similar shots.

My aim was to create a three layered image, so I lifted the camera higher out of the water, so that I could see the reef below the surface, the reef through the surface and the sunset.

Location: Red Sea, Egypt

Tags: Alex Mustard, coral reef, egypt, sunset, underwater

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  1. Sandra said:

    13/07/2012 12:56

    wow. alex. this is breathtaking. exposure and split field. a whole new world.

  2. Theo said:

    13/07/2012 23:53

    Great Alex, creative and very well executed!