Sven Začek - Ice water please!


The past two days have been scorching hot here in Estonia and I quickly remembered why I don’t like summer that much. In winter you can always walk for heat or put on more clothing, but in summer you just have to suffer. My first thoughts were about cooling myself and I drank ice water. Then I got to thinking that I should live in some place, where it doesn’t get that hot. Where there is ice water naturally available, even in the summer. Of course in Iceland.

Location: Iceland

Tags: Atlantic Ocean, golden, Iceland, sunrise, sven zacek

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  1. Alex said:

    08/07/2012 09:51

    It`s like a dream. Fantastic colours.
    I take some water it`s too hot here :)

  2. cako said:

    08/07/2012 14:39

    So beautiful. I love the light and the motion blur.

  3. Philippos said:

    08/07/2012 16:22

    Fantastic image Sven, as ever. If you feel hot in Estonia, you should come for a visit in south Greece where I live.

  4. Jost Stergarsek said:

    13/07/2012 10:13

    so dynamic ... L-O-V-E

  5. Theo said:

    13/07/2012 23:54

    Very good Sven, you captured the spirit of this place well!