Stian Holmen - Green energy


Location: Roan, Norway

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  1. Antonio said:

    07/07/2012 15:27

    Molto bella!

  2. Werner said:

    07/07/2012 18:37

    Phantastic image Stian! Really great - a little more information would have been good ;

  3. Appie Kingma said:

    09/07/2012 18:17

    Super shot!
    No more information is needed, it's better to have a second look at the picture

  4. luciano catozzi said:

    10/07/2012 17:57

    One imagines that tells a story, here in the Italian Apennines have the same problem.
    The golden eagle threatened by new wind farms.
    Good work!

  5. Jost Stergarsek said:

    13/07/2012 10:15

    i believe there is no room for winf turbines in places where such magnificent birds as eagles live ... the price wildlife has to pay is just to high ... as your image clearly shows.

  6. Bruno said:

    13/07/2012 12:24

    Man, my comment didn't show up... Anyway, I do well remember this incredible image from the last GDT festival... It moves me now as it moved me, then. A perfect balance between art and journalism: what conservation photography is all about, IMHO.
    Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!

  7. Theo said:

    13/07/2012 23:56

    Excellent Stian, this is art with a message!