Luciano Gaudenzio - Lights in the wood


It’s always an emotion meet her (lady’s slipper)in the woods and try to make the most of her beauty…

Tags: cipripedium, dolomites, light, orchis

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    21/06/2012 09:37

    A splendid image!!! The light and atmosphere around the plant is magnificent.

  2. David Guimaraes said:

    21/06/2012 21:08

    Wonderfull!! I just love de difuse foreground, and the way that the orchid insinuates herself through the all image!
    Great image!

  3. mauro said:

    22/06/2012 11:47

    hahahah hai fatto un ws con la bertocha? hahahah copione come sempre