Roy Mangersnes - Fire in the desert


Today is the Norwegian Constitution Day, 17th of May. What better way to celebrate then with a bang! The picture on the other hand is not from Norway but from one of my trips to Botswana. It shows the dynamics of the Kalahari desert as bush fires are washed out by incoming rain, new ones are started by lightning striking nearby.

Location: Kalahari, Botswana

Tags: botswana, bushfire, Kalahari, lightning, roy mangersnes

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  1. Geir Ole said:

    17/05/2012 21:29

    Ahhhh..a beautiful scenery, Roy :)

  2. steffen said:

    19/05/2012 13:55

    Dramatic scene - hope you are in a safety distance

  3. Roy said:

    19/05/2012 14:40

    Thanks you guys.
    Steffen; I was at a very safe distance, but a couple of days later in Okavango my tent was hit while I was in it, but that is a different story :-)

  4. Oriol Alamany said:

    04/06/2012 22:37

    Excellent and dramatic image. We are lucky you survived the second storm to show us this image!

  5. digital anomaly said:

    08/06/2012 17:53

    Amazing shot well done