Emmanuel Boitier - Fly Orchid


Some Orchids (i.e. genus Ophrys) are characterized by their flowers: imitating insects with their shapes, they attract them in order to be fertilized. The imitation is really amazing (going to the arrangement of hairs on the flower as well as the imitation of the bluish reflection of wings…). I tried to emphasize this imitation by the choice of a composition and a point of view in which we have the impression that an insect is really put on the plant. Hope I have succeed.

Location: Auvergne, France

Tags: Emmanuel Boitier, flower, Fly Orchid, Imitation, insect, Ophrys insectifera, orchid, plant, spring, To deceive

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  1. Olivier ESNAULT said:

    15/05/2012 10:05

    De loi, l'objectif est parfaitement atteint. On croirait vraiment voir une mouche, ou n'importe quel autre insecte. :)

  2. Jaak said:

    15/05/2012 11:21

    Very nicely executed, at first glance it fooled me that some moth or something is on the plant.

  3. Opticron Binoculars said:

    16/05/2012 11:42

    Interesting. It really looks like an insect is sitting on the plant.