Emmanuel Boitier - The first one


For sure not the prettiest aurora never seen nor the best aurora picture never done… but it sounds great for me anyway because it was the first aurora of my life.
It is never too late to receive the presents of nature…

Location: Lapland, Finland

Tags: aurora borealis, Emmanuel Boitier, finland, green, lapland, night, pine tree, sky

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    31/03/2012 10:35

    As you say "... is never too late." However, I think that hardly I will attend a scene like this. How many times we are surrounded by nature, must be a unique feeling to observe and experience a phenomenon like this. A scene from another world in this world! Good picture!

  2. Alex said:

    31/03/2012 21:40

    It`s fantastic.
    Funny, at the same time I was in Finland, too. But not in Lapland. I also watched this beautiful aurora at the same night. For me was it was the first time, too :-)