Sandra Bartocha - Glowing in the Spring


Another one … of my favourite spring flowers. 🙂
Liverleafs are so delicate and beautiful … and although I’ve photographed them every year I never get tired of them. It’s the best thing in the year to stroll around the spring forest … the first warm rays of sun on the forest floor and being surrounded by these tiny purple wonders of nature …

Location: Rügen, Germany

Tags: hepatica nobilis, liverleaf, liverworts, macro, sandra bartocha, spring, spring flowering plants

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  1. greg du toit said:

    24/03/2012 11:02

    I love the warm colour of the background and the cold purple of the flower. I also like the mysterious dark bit on the left. The bokeh is part of your signature style and I like it a lot. Noise has been well handled too.

  2. Linda said:

    24/03/2012 11:42

    o joy of Spring! glorious image!

  3. David Guimaraes said:

    24/03/2012 13:42

    What a lovelly shot, full of colour and light! I really like it, it is a litle hymn to spring!

  4. Ellie said:

    24/03/2012 13:58

    That is a beautiful shot - two little flowers in the sunlight. Lovely.

  5. Jan Veber said:

    24/03/2012 15:21

    Phantastic picture!
    Jan Veber

  6. Dirk said:

    24/03/2012 21:05

    Since a couple of years I'm quiete inspired by your very special style - but still far from your mastership.

  7. Geir Ole said:

    24/03/2012 23:03

    I just love it, Sandra :)

  8. João Petronilho said:

    25/03/2012 10:21

    Another great shot. I really like the transition between darkness and light. Fantastic!!! A tribute to Nature!

  9. Judyroyalglenn said:

    26/03/2012 01:52


  10. Olivier ESNAULT said:

    26/03/2012 07:43

    Wow !
    Terrific lightning.
    Very nice shot.
    Thanks ! :)

  11. Jost Stergarsek said:

    26/03/2012 11:40

    It is extremely hard to make an image where wildlife appears as beautiful as it is in nature ... but you do it every time! Thank you for sharing :)

  12. Marc said:

    30/03/2012 23:53

    Pell de gallina. Una de les millors que he vist ultimament!