Bruno D'Amicis - Early morning in the forest


On a recent trip to the remote region of Kafa in the South of Ethiopia, I could enjoy the very last remains of the lush Afromontane evergreen coffee forests that once covered a large portion of the Country. This habitat is disappearing with a rate of 8% of its surface lost every year. If nothing will be done to invert the trend, this forest will be gone by the year 2020. The beautiful Black & white colobus (or Guereza) is surely the most visible inhabitant of this environment. While on a morning hike, I spotted two of them behind some thick foliage. Just for fun, I manually focused my 500 mm to frame them directly behind meters of bushes, as perhaps our Sandra could much better do with a wild flower. I took two shots and, before I could improve the composition, they moved away. What came out is a rather confused image, yet the closest I could get to portray the essence of that place and its fragile destiny.

Location: Kafa, Ethiopia

Tags: bruno damicis, colobus, ethiopia, green, guereza, kafa, monkey, rainforest

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  1. Sandra said:

    20/03/2012 09:47

    oh bruno .... this is great. love the greens, yellows, reds and the hidden black&whites ... a shimmering, iridescence morning ...

  2. Jost Stergarsek said:

    20/03/2012 09:52

    fascinating ... great impressionists feel!

  3. João Petronilho said:

    20/03/2012 10:18

    I think this image can portray the feeling of loss that is imminent on this forest. I hope that in 2020 people can continue to enjoy moments like this, even if they are short and "confused." As to the image, I really like it. Is a picture with soul!

  4. Òscar Domínguez said:

    20/03/2012 22:05

    I know the difficult to take this kind of pictures. The foliage can help you to play and I like the result as usual. Kind regards from Barcelona!

  5. Bruno said:

    20/03/2012 23:30

    My friends, thanks a lot for your very nice words. I really appreciate. And, to Joao, I keep on hoping, too...

  6. Roy said:

    20/03/2012 23:56

    Great interpretation of the natural habitat of these amazing primates. Love it!

  7. Geir Ole said:

    21/03/2012 00:50

    A really great image :)

  8. David Guimaraes said:

    22/03/2012 22:10

    15 of the best Nature Photographers in the world... it is amazing your simplicity and sensitivity, great images are just around the corner... a starling on a telephone wire, a backyard forest, the leaves of a autumn birch... all this reveals all your love for our natural world and its complexity! This image is a "Naturephotoblog", photo! Thank you for sharing Bruno!

  9. Bruno said:

    22/03/2012 23:11

    @David, wow, I'm speechless... Your moving words really touched me and this is all about why I do nature photography: to share with others what I care for. I am deeply grateful to you and all the other followers. I hope to keep up the expectations. My best regards, B.