Jaak Põder - You need to hold on when it’s raining


In Estonian this guy is called ‘caterpillar wolf’ (rough translation), in English the name is ‘red-banded sand wasp’. Both names have some truth to it, this solitary wasp hunts (mostly) caterpillars, buries them in the dug hole in the ground (as sand is easiest to dig usually it digs the hole in the sand) and lays its eggs to the buried and paralyzed (but alive) caterpillar so larvae have something to eat. Funnily enough, as an adult despite its Estonian name it feeds mainly on pollen.

Here it’s struggling to stay on the plant during the rainfall – even jaws are put to work for that.

Location: Estonia

Tags: Ammophila sabulosa, digger wasp, insect, jaak poder, red-banded sand wasp, röövikuhunt

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