Meelis Kivirand - Snow falling


The winter of 2010 was characterized by abundance of snow. It was much colder than normal temperatures and there were lots of windless days, which let the snow stay on the tree branches. The snow was very fluffy, so even a light breeze blew the powdery snow off the trees.

Location: Estonia

Tags: forest, meelis kivirand, pine, snow, spruce, winter

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  1. Sandra said:

    23/01/2012 13:00

    so beautiful. light and snow - just the perfect combination.

  2. Suzie said:

    23/01/2012 21:48

    Wow. You've captured the right moment. I love the way how the sun is coming through. Kind regards

  3. Ronald said:

    27/01/2012 09:29

    Very nice this recording. Nice how the sun illuminated the trees. Several years ago I was in Estonia. A beautiful country with many quiet places. I live in the Netherlands. Estonia is a bit on the Netherlands long ago. Nice blog. I'll certainly have a look sometime. I put the link on my blog.