Roy Mangersnes - Clash of Titans


I just returned from a most successful week in the mountains working with one of my favorite mammals, the Musk Ox. The tremendous display of strength that are shown two bulls, weighing up to 400kg, meet head to head at speeds about 40k/h is printed in my mind. The sound of the crashing skulls are the only sound to ring through the howling winds.

Location: Norway

Tags: Dovrefjell, mountain, Musk Oxen, roy mangersnes, winter

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  1. Thorstein Kleppe Berg said:

    17/01/2012 10:00

    Kraftbilde! Dette falt helt i smak.

    Powerimage! All to my taste.

  2. Valmar said:

    17/01/2012 13:01

    Awesome shot roy!

  3. Jaak said:

    17/01/2012 22:14

    I happened to see BBC 'Frozen planet' series (NOT recommended to buy though) lately and these guys were part of it. I was absolutely in awe how they fought and you have nailed it here.

  4. Peter Cairns said:

    22/01/2012 14:17

    Great stuff Roy.