Jaak Põder - Blending in


It’s pretty hard to see someone when it’s trying to be invisible. It usually involves a bit of luck or a lot of searching around. Or both. The upside is that often the one ‘blending in’ is so sure of its camouflage that approaching and photographing it is somewhat easier than it usually is.

Location: Estonia

Tags: Heteroptera, insect, jaak poder, lutikas, macro, summer

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  1. Sandra said:

    22/01/2012 14:11

    this is really camouflage ...
    very good obeserved and beautifully taken.

  2. Joana said:

    26/01/2012 15:24

    GREAT Colours!

  3. Christiana said:

    12/05/2016 13:10

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