Oriol Alamany - Jungle eye


I was working in the jungle of Bandhavgarh looking for the increasingly scarce tigers, when suddenly we came upon a Spotted deer (Axis axis) a few meters from us. Carefully I lifted the 500 mm telephoto lens and found that I only can frame the animal’s face. I dared not to change the lens because given the short distance I knew the deer would flee. After taking a few simple face portraits, I explored through the viewfinder the possibilities of a so close frame and I found this less usual composition. A couple of shots and the deer turned and walked away. But I already have a picture I liked.

Location: Bandhavgarh, India

Tags: antler, asia, axis, bandhavgarh, chital, deer, eye, green, india, jungle, look, national park, oriol alamany, spotted deer

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    10/01/2012 10:06

    A cool image of a deer. A clever way to make a less favorable situation in a great image with an excellent light and composition! Congratulations!!

  2. Werner said:

    10/01/2012 10:36

    Very intensive portrait - great! Welcome on board, Oriol!

  3. Alex Mustard said:

    10/01/2012 12:56

    I really like the intense eye contact. Not always achieved with herbivores.

  4. Oriol Alamany said:

    10/01/2012 17:29

    Thanks Werner, happy to be here, sharing my pictures with the people.

  5. Bruno said:

    10/01/2012 19:06

    Bienvenido, Oriol! I like the juxtaposition of warm and cool tones in this image, the lovely warmth of the light (sunrise? sunset?) contrasting with the anxiety of the subject. Probably, that's the stare that also tigers get...;-)

  6. Oriol Alamany said:

    10/01/2012 21:42

    Thanks Bruno. I also like the color tones of the sunset rays filtering between the trees, But when I saw the image in my laptop that night, after downloading the CF card, the most striking feature for me was how so brilliant and clean was the reflections in the eye (the sky between the jungle trees). It's an eye full of life.

  7. Sandra said:

    11/01/2012 00:22

    i love the eye ... it just draws you in.
    welcome on board.

  8. Heike Odermatt said:

    11/01/2012 01:08

    A very special composition, great shot! I love it!
    Welcome on board, Oriol!

  9. Theo said:

    11/01/2012 22:45

    Hi Oriol, I agree with the others, a very promising start, looking forward to see more of your work. A warm welcome from me too!

  10. Roy Mangersnes said:

    12/01/2012 08:40

    Great to have you on board. Welcome Oriol! Very nice entry - just a glimpse of what is coming :-)

  11. David Guimaraes said:

    12/01/2012 22:17

    What an Image! What a start, the reflexions the background, all majestically done! Great moment!

  12. Margi Todors said:

    14/01/2012 23:01

    Beautiful picture! Can not stop looking at it!

  13. Joana said:

    26/01/2012 15:27

    UAU!! Full of beauty!

  14. Tree Removal said:

    19/11/2021 00:37

    Wow how do you even capture such a thing? I cant imagine even getting in the right place to make this happen. Deer can be so skittish. I've seen so many while doing my tree service but never have I seen something this interesting.