Sandra Bartocha - Rose Hips


As usual I spent my days over the years at the island of Rügen with some friends. Last year (2010/2011) we were rewarded with tons of snow and ice. This year we had 8-10°C, rain, a little fog and dreary forests and landscapes scenes. First I was a little disappointed in the possibilties to create that great light classic shots of impressive winter landscapes … but soon I discovered that the beauty of photography lies excactly in these moments – absorbing emotions … and capturing simple scenes.

Location: Groß Zicker, Germany

Tags: detail, melancholy, rain, rose hips, sandra bartocha, winter

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  1. Tomas Järnetun said:

    09/01/2012 14:55

    As you might have seen my new years eve picture also happened to be som rose hips making up my own fireworks.
    Not at Rügen but at the island of Öland a bit further up north. We had a sunny day though.
    Your reflextion is really nice.
    Greetings and a happy 2012/ Tomas Järnetun/N

  2. Sandra said:

    09/01/2012 15:08

    hi tomas,
    well, yours really look like a firework.
    i really like rose hips a lot ... they provide so much colour in winter ...
    a happy new year to you too. :))

  3. David Guimaraes said:

    12/01/2012 22:26

    A simple but powefull masterpiece! The red of the rose hips it is so vibrant that almost makes one forget oof the deep grey on the background, and that water drop, right on focus... it deserved an Haiku!...