Jaak Põder - Gonna get you


Sometimes you take picture of one thing and it turns out to have the feeling of another thing. Here the young small lizard is not looking at this wood ant as its prey, but it’s looking at it with caution. The ant will attack the lizard in a moment to force him/her away from the ants’ home in the same stump they are on.

Location: Estonia

Tags: arusisalik, common lizard, field ant, Formica, Formicidae, jaak poder, kuklane, mound ant, sipelgas, summer, Viviparous lizard, wood ant, Zootoca vivipara

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  1. Marcos Veiga said:

    16/12/2011 20:37

    Hello Jaak.
    Nice shot, it seems like the dinner was running away!
    Beautiful light.