Jaak Põder - Finding each other


Most of butterfly wing patterns top ‘Fashion TV’ any day of the month, but photography-wise you don’t want to see the same program every day. Maybe this is why I don’t feel too comfortable with butterflies as models — they are usually shown just as creatures who have beautiful wings, stress on wings. And their distinctive shape forces you to think the same – ‘see how pretty these wings are, get close and take a pic’. But sometimes you forget they are butterflies and you just concentrate what is going on — here the male is having a hard time impressing the female. In the end you’ll find that you don’t have the perfect close-up wing pattern shot of that butterfly species. And it makes you smile…

Location: Estonia

Tags: ahtalehine põdrakanep, Epilobium angustifolium, fireweed, Heath fritillary, jaak poder, Mellicta athalia, niidu-võrkliblikas, summer, willowherb

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  1. Silvia Reiche said:

    01/12/2011 09:42

    Very nice picture as it shows their behavior (after warming-up in the morning I think). The light and soft colours are great!

  2. Jaak Põder said:

    01/12/2011 09:50

    Silvia, thanks. But this pic was taken in the late afternoon on a hot summer day and following their actions ca 10 minutes I'm pretty sure it was not warmth these butterflies (or at least the male) were after :))).

  3. Sandra said:

    01/12/2011 10:34


  4. Jost Stergarsek said:

    01/12/2011 12:48

    for me your image represents one of those moments that keep me coming back to meadows (and this page) looking for things that tend to be overlooked...

  5. Theo said:

    01/12/2011 17:40

    Nice soft colours and interesting behaviour, I like it. Did the poor fellow succeed in the end!?

  6. Jaak Põder said:

    01/12/2011 22:18

    Thanks, Jost.

    Theo, no, he didn't, at least during the time they were on that plant. And I did not have time to follow them once they moved on.