Heike Odermatt - Dance in the air


The island Helgoland (Germany) is a good place to photograph Gannets. At these day I was on the Lummenfelsen till 12 a clock in the night to photograph the Gannets in flight and when landing. To photograph in flight with long shuttertime is not so difficult than to photograph the birds when landing and especially when it’s windy. So I’ve made ​​lots of images and only a few left over.

Location: Germany - Helgoland

Tags: dance, fly, Gannet, Heike Odermatt, Helgoland, Northern

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    14/11/2011 11:52

    A very beautiful image and an appropriate title. It seems an image of a fairy tale and you was able to transmit the atmosphere of the dance. We can almost hear the music. Like in a dream!!!

  2. David Guimaraes said:

    15/11/2011 00:47

    I love it, for me its the most beautifull image of a Gannet I ever seen! like João said its seems that has come from a dream...

  3. Marcus Sonntag said:

    15/11/2011 20:35

    Hey Heike, no beginning and no end. Only endless blurring wings. A magic picture.

  4. Stefan Rott said:

    28/02/2012 21:21

    I saw the image and my first thought was: a dance in the air. Then i read the title...
    Beautiful image. Thank you.