Theo Bosboom - Coloured rocks


Landmannalaugar in Iceland is a great place just to walk around and to enjoy the many interesting geological elements in the area. On an evening walk this summer, about half an hour from the hut, I discovered these coloured rocks. I did what I usually do in circumstances like this: walk around the scene a couple of times and than try to isolate an interesting part of it and try to capture it in an attractive composition. I was happy with the slightly overcast sky, because it brought out the many colours and details in the rocks. I always enjoy finding and photographing ‘mini landscapes’ like this, that are often overlooked by people.

Location: Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Tags: colours, Fjallabak, Iceland, Landmannalaugar, rocks, stones, Theo Bosboom

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  1. David Guimaraes said:

    13/11/2011 15:24

    Although its simplicity this photo is a chromatic feast to the eyes... It is clearly the result of a very cunninhg eye to detail and colours! I like it! Congratulatios!

  2. Werner said:

    13/11/2011 16:49

    Actually I like it, too. I think it is a difficult image to present in the context of a blog. For me it would be perfect with an complimentary image on a doublespread in a really precious fineart-book.

  3. Theo said:

    30/11/2011 21:51

    Thanks David and Werner. I agree it is not an easy picture, but that is excactly why I posted it here, sometimes I am just curious if a picture works or not.

  4. Sven Zacek said:

    19/12/2011 11:52

    I constanly find myself enjoying such pictures a lot, but they are very hard for me to capture. Especially if I am travelling and the eye just wonders out for the big picture. In Estonia, where everything is more "common" to me it is easier.