Werner Bollmann - Fluid Gold


It was in June, round about midnight at the Kitka River in Oulanka National Park, when I found this tufted duck drake. He was diving for food and every time he was underwater, I crawled a little bit closer. When I was in photo distance he suddenly noticed me and I could only make one shot before he flew away.
On the picture it looks as if the duck is swimming very fast, but actually it stayed on the same place and the silver trace is the result of the flowing river.

Location: Finland

Tags: aythya fuligula, duck, ducks, finland, river, tufted duck, werner bollmann

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  1. Carlos Acín said:

    19/07/2011 21:13

    Precious! and what about this golden reflect? from where it comes from?
    Congrats Werner.

  2. Werner said:

    20/07/2011 09:56

    Hey Carlos, it's the reflection of the old pines at the other side of the Kitka river illuminated by the midnight sun.

  3. Òscar Domínguez said:

    20/07/2011 13:20

    Incredible light! Really well done. Greetings from Barcelona.

  4. Geir Ole said:

    20/07/2011 18:37

    Nice work, Werner :)
    Fascinating with the color of the eye and the surroundings!

  5. Theo said:

    24/07/2011 22:00

    Nice! The golden eye, the golden reflections and the position of the bird, it all fits together very well.