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I know Dieter is very fond of Cranes and so am I, but on the contrary to Dieter’s photos, that actually prove he likes Cranes, I have never got round to photographing them properly even though every time I see great Crane photos (Thank you Dieter!) I promise myself to devote more time to them. Somehow I never get round to actually doing it. Maybe it is because the best places I know are quite far from where I live. I know, excuses-excuses. So last summer I was very happy to fly over coastal areas I knew were suitable for Cranes for overnighting and actually find Cranes. This is one photo from that evening and I hope it will spur me on to spend more time with these magnificent birds.

Location: Estonia

Tags: aerial photography, aerofoto, common crane, grus grus, sookurg, sven zacek

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