Sven Začek - Spring greenery


Hiking in a spring forest and following a small river is something that I enjoy. Every bend has its own character. Some have old fallen trees that make crossing the river possible, some have high banks, some have wildflowers growing in masses. This particular bend had a colorful boulder that made me stop and start framing a photograph. And of course the lush green ferns that had just opened up. Good times…

Location: Estonia

Tags: forest, laanesõnajalg, ostrich fern, river, shuttlecock fern, sven zacek

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  1. Marta Mas said:

    20/06/2011 00:28

    nice and very nice green ferns :)

  2. Bruno said:

    21/06/2011 11:11

    Wow, what a place! Is that Estonia or Tasmania??! A lovely shot of a not too easy situation, Sven!

  3. Michael said:

    09/08/2013 16:24

    Really nice photography! I do alot of hiking as well, love being outdoors. I also grow the Ostrich ferns in my garden.
    High on Siler Bald
    Ostrich Ferns Gone Wild