Roy Mangersnes - Lovebirds


I spent some time with this loving couple of Little Owls in northern Spain a couple of weeks ago. It was a true pleasure to spent time with such relaxed wildlife. I keep asking myself what the male is telling the female. My guess is that it involves some romantic phrases, but what do I know. Any suggestion?

Location: Lleida, Spain

Tags: Athene noctua, Little Owl, roy mangersnes

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  1. Marta Mas said:

    17/06/2011 09:59

    So sweet, nice moment!

  2. Sven Zacek said:

    17/06/2011 17:46

    Yes, allo-preening is a behaviour to strenghten the commitment as a couple. As for captions then there are so many possibilities, but I like to think that he is saying: "Look from how far north this guy came to take your picture. This is a testament to your overwhelming beauty!"

    And I agree with the male.

  3. claudio said:

    18/06/2011 00:44

    This is a delicate and fine photography. Light good. Amazing shot

  4. Roy said:

    19/06/2011 19:30

    I like your suggestion Sven - made me smile :-)

  5. Marta Mas said:

    20/06/2011 00:36

    Me too Sven! :)

  6. Bruno said:

    21/06/2011 11:13

    "Let's move out of here, too long lenses pointing at us..." :-D

  7. Eugene said:

    19/11/2021 00:40

    Hi Roy, this is so cool. I love the romance of the photo. Like you it makes me wonder what they're communicating with eachother? It almost looks like a wife welcoming her nuzzle from a husband.