Jaak Põder - This fish is too big


Slavonian Grebe’s chick time is soon to begin again… Even though I’ve kinda drifted away from birds during the last couple of years, I’ll likely give a visit or two or even three to these guys anyway.

Just a reminder from previous years — sometimes the fish brought to the chicks was too big. After few tries chicks let the fish go and it was given back to the parent who brought it.

Location: Estonia

Tags: chicks, jaak poder, Podiceps auritus, sarvikpütt, slavonian grebe, summer

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    01/06/2011 13:20

    We all usually go looking for great light and sometimes quite the oppostie can give amazing results. The moist and foggy morning gives so much more to this picture than sweet light ever could. Great environment, great behaviour, great composition - great photo. I will try and find time to join you to photograph tehse grebes this year.

  2. Luciano said:

    04/06/2011 23:55

    Great atmosphere too.....

  3. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    05/06/2011 21:21

    I love the picture, and I totally agree with Sven. I think the water plants adds something very important; it gives the impression that we are stealing a glimpse into something that is a bit secret and private. A clean shot of the birds out in the open wuold still be great, of course, bute a little more obvious and conventional.

  4. Sandra said:

    08/06/2011 18:55

    this image conveys so much ... intimacy ... environment ... behavior ... mood. well done!