Dieter Damschen - Dehesa


The typical lanscape of the Extremadura on a rainy day. The so called Dehesa with its typical evergreen oaks is a very old man made landscape.The mist cleans up with all distracting elements in the landscape, like houses and trails, and creates this mystical atmosphere.

Location: Extremadura, Spain

Tags: Dehesa, dieter damschen, Evergreen Oak, Extremadura, Landscape, Spain

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    20/02/2011 11:52

    I really like the dramatic light in this scene. Fog is usually a godsend for nature photographers.

  2. Sandra said:

    20/02/2011 15:48

    I like the mood of that image a lot. Somehow it reminds me of Lord of the Rings ... Mordor far in the back and just waiting for the Ents to show up. :)

  3. Meelis Kivirand said:

    20/02/2011 18:47

    My thoughts went also to the land of Ents, thanks to Sandra :) This image is just mystic!

  4. Janek said:

    20/02/2011 21:18


  5. Bruno said:

    21/02/2011 13:09

    What a place! I like to see an image far from the clichées about the Mediterranean weather... Where are the grullas???

  6. Jaak Põder said:

    27/02/2011 10:51

    And the mist also hides Treebeard and 2 hobbits :-).

  7. Luis Llavori said:

    04/05/2011 22:43

    Una panoramica excelente con esa niebla que le da un ambiente fenomenal de esas tierras extremeñas!!!