Roy Mangersnes - Musk ox in snow


A Musk Ox is standing in the snow at Dovrefjell National Park in Norway. These animals are addapted to a live in the cold, and this is when I like to work with them. By focusing on the falling snow I have tried to create something else then just a portrait of an animal. I think it works – what do you think?

Location: Dovrefjell, Norway

Tags: Dovrefjell NationalPark, Musk ox, Norway, roy mangersnes

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  1. Jaak P├Áder said:

    31/08/2010 15:06

    It works with the title :-). I think it depends on how familiar the person is with this animal -- if you recognise the silhouette, you get it, if not, you don't.

  2. Bruno D'Amicis said:

    31/08/2010 18:21

    I agree with Jaak. Great idea, but perhaps a bit tricky at first glance.

  3. Roy Mangersnes said:

    06/09/2010 01:02

    It is interesting to hear your observations. This image actually made it to the finals in BBC WPOTY, so there is obviously something there. Close but not close enough :-)

  4. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    12/09/2010 15:43

    I ilke it!

    A bit tricky at first glance indeed - and that exactly is the point! If it were too obvious, it wouldn't work at all. Depending on the audience and the context, I would consider taking it at step further and just call it Snowfall or something.

    I'm not so sure about the cropping, either. Maybe you should have left som air above the musk ox?