Roy Mangersnes - Eagle Owl at night


The amazing Eagle Owl is a creature of the dark. I was thrilled to get the oppertunity to photograph this incredible bird in its own environment at nighttime. I believe this picture reflect the mood of the scene and also the life of the owl better than any of the later flash shots I got.

Location: Norway

Tags: Bubo bubo, Eagle Owl, roy mangersnes

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    08/06/2010 22:10

    Yes, definately! I have seen your flash shots too and even though I really liked the landing shots, this is the one that captures the essence of th Eagle owl and owls in particular.

  2. Meelis Kivirand said:

    14/06/2010 20:40

    This Eagle Owl’s claw provides excellently the dreary feeling of the night. Very interesting photo! I enjoy those nature photos that are taken without the flash.

  3. Bruno D\\\\\\\ said:

    16/06/2010 13:00

    What a wild shot! I am not so sure wether I would prefer this one over a flash picture: in my opinion the owl is to big in the frame to work as a silhouette here. Just a matter of taste... Still, hard work to get so close and I am really jealous of this close encounter!

  4. Carlos Acin said:

    06/06/2011 04:15

    I´m completely agree with your comment Roy.