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Johan Van Hoof said:

2015-04-26 11:12:02

Orsolya Haarberg & Erlend Haarberg - Jump

Fantastic photo !!! One of my favourite animals in such a beautiful setting. Thnaks for sharing. Kind Regards

Lasse said:

2015-04-25 09:43:30

Michel D’Oultremont - Love on the marsh

Wonderful !

Lasse said:

2015-04-24 18:51:22

Sandra Bartocha - Single Anemone

Fantastic !!

moteur porte de garage said:

2015-04-24 16:57:25

Laurent Nedelec - when the boss goes by

I'm living in the French Pyrénées and I see often eagles like them ! Wonderful landscape.

moteur volet roulant said:

2015-04-24 16:54:19

Alex Mustard - King Of The Forest

Nice picture, he's so beautiful, well done !

romain said:

2015-04-24 16:11:49

Sandra Bartocha - Single Anemone

Une superbe image qui mêle crépuscule et lumière

Maria Isabel Estacio said:

2015-04-24 10:40:03

Sandra Bartocha - Single Anemone

Impressive shot! so low on the ground and so many details in the light and in the shade! beautiful. Isabel Estacio

Minna Lindroth said:

2015-04-24 10:35:10

Sandra Bartocha - Single Anemone

What a daring little anemone! Made me think of Edith Piaf :)

Roland Theys said:

2015-04-24 08:56:05

Sandra Bartocha - Single Anemone

A very good shot!

Anonymous said:

2015-04-22 13:03:01

Hans Strand - Snow Fields

Thanks Orsolya, I really appreciate your warm comments. As you already know I am unfortunately a BW masochist :-)