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timo said:

2015-07-28 21:15:10

Jonathan Lhoir - Fireworks

Hi! A very special photography. I like it very much! Greetings Timo

Johan Van Hoof said:

2015-07-23 10:25:28

Laurent Nedelec - wallcreeper

Beautiful shot of a stunning little bird. I've seen a wallcreeper only once, I just caught a glimpse of it as it flew by. It has a distinct beautiful colour pattern.

Johan Van Hoof said:

2015-07-21 18:06:42

Cindy Jeannon - Quiet

Very nice landscape picture, like it alot ! Great atmosphere !

Johan Van Hoof said:

2015-07-16 14:53:09

Grzegorz Lesniewski - Postcard from holidays

Grzegorz, Stunning picture !!! A Roe Deer is my favourite photography subject, and this picture has it all ! A great Roe Deer in its summer "dress", which is just so beautiful, and you photographed it in a great environment. It sure makes a great postcard, bet it will put a smile on the face of the receiver(s). Keep up the good work guys !

Donlope said:

2015-07-16 09:51:48

Grzegorz Lesniewski - Postcard from holidays

This is just beautiful! Love th subject and its environment, perfect!

Oriol Alamany said:

2015-07-14 18:46:42

Markus Varesvuo - Gannet Emerging

Surprising image!

Boris Belchev said:

2015-07-14 08:51:17

Joanna Antosik - Eclipse

I like the idea of the photo, I have made similar photo with the super moon, just with the white stork in its nest. But as birdwatcher, I have to say this is not a blackbird, I am sure this is a Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris). ;-)

Yulia Vtyurina said:

2015-07-09 12:14:15

Yulia Vtyurina - May the forest

Thank you!

Geir Ole Laberg said:

2015-07-09 08:07:15

Yulia Vtyurina - May the forest

Very, very nice :)

Werner said:

2015-07-08 12:17:24

Georg Kantioler - Common Viper

Congrats Georg - really good!