Aria di neve / Première neige / Early snow

Emmanuel Boitier 09/02/2015


Aria di neve / Première neige / Early snow

September 2014
Texts and photos: Emmanuel Boitier
Calligraphy: Vincent Delfosse
Translations: Diana Crestan
Editor: Daniele Marson Editore
Hardback cover
L280 x H240mm
140 pages – 103 photos
Triple language version: ITA/FRA/ENG
ISBN 889712309-0

Months were invented by the humans… but has nothing to do with the various natural weather seasons of our planet. Nature, itself, doesn’t care about days or months, neatly lined up in calendars. There are only two seasons: the one where flowers bloom and trees grow and the other when nature seems to be awaiting, sometimes looking submissive or at times furious.

It is that very moment in time, too often called the (bad) season that EARLY SNOW is on the front of our door. It starts with the falling leaves, the vanishing mist, the piercing frost and nipping cold, the freezing wind and the first snow-flakes. It is a tribute to the eternal story of Autumn turning into Winter.

EARLY SNOW is divided into three chapters: the fire of the fall (aki no hi), the early snow (hatsuyuki) and he whiteness (shiro). Through its landscapes this work studies the natural passage of seasons with its slowness and languor, accompanied with the sudden changes, the fiery storms that cover the golden foliage with its white snow at the heart of winter.