From the World Press Photo Nature jury…

Bruno D'Amicis 16/02/2015

Earlier this month, I had the great honor but also the responsibility to be a judge for the Nature category at the prestigious World Press Photo contest, possibly the most important award for photojournalism in the World. Together with Cristina Mittermeier and the jury chair, Peter-Matthias Gaede, I have looked at several thousands of images, trying to find those which stood out both in terms of estethics and content. It hasn’t been easy. We had the feeling that somehow quite a few entries were taken alongside other project and thus lacked depth, or just focused on graphic, gory details that might trigger the audience attention. Of course, there were also many beautiful or amazing stories and these had all the chances to win. Somehow I had the perception that WPP is seen as a “different” contest in comparison to WPY or the GDT, and so most entries were rather different from what we are used to see. In general, it has been a very interesting experience for me and I feel I have learned a lot. I invite you also to watch an interview with the Jury chair, Peter-Matthias Gaede, who shares some very interesting and maybe controversial thoughts. Long live true and honest photography!