Meelis Kivirand - GloomyZoltán Gergely Nagy - Yellows and greensluciano gaudenzio - mountain swanBruno D'Amicis - The GiantsWerner Bollmann – Last GlowSven Zacek - Water necklaceRoy Mangersnes - The beginningOriol Alamany - Looking at the glacierEmmanuel Boitier - Tuchenn KadorHeike Odermatt - SilhouetIñaki Relanzon - Natural PatternsTheo Bosboom - Autumn viewMystic Cerro TorreSandra Bartocha - These Days ...Meelis Kivirand - maple leavesZoltán Gergely Nagy - Translucent flockLuciano Gaudenzio - Unusual Lavender visionBruno D'Amicis - Kitschy natureWerner Bollmann – CircuitSven Zacek - Quiet sunriseRoy Mangersnes - Living planetJaak Põder - Don't let me go! (alternative title: Let me go!)Emmanuel Boitier - Pink morningHeike Odermatt - The beardedAlex Mustard - Yellow MouthIñaki Relanzon - Classic LandmannalaugarTheo Bosboom - Autumn compositionOriol Alamany - June lightSandra Bartocha - Sparkle Meelis Kivirand - MidnightZoltán Gergely Nagy - Sanderling at dawnLuciano Gaudenzio  - mysterious wild iris floweringBruno D'Amicis - A secret placeWerner Bollmann – The BirchSven Zacek - Kemeri bogRoy Mangersnes -Hummingbird at restJaak Põder - MouthfulEmmanuel Boitier - MoonriseHeike Odermatt - AutumnAlex Mustard - Sponge BurstIñaki Relanzón - Coral reefTheo Bosboom - Mountain reflectionsOriol Alamany - Puffin sunset flightSandra Bartocha - Golden Twirl ...Zoltán Gergely Nagy - Green Oceanluciano gaudenzio  - melting lakesBruno D'Amicis - Slate fragmentsWerner Bollmann – SpookySven Zacek - After darkRoy Mangersnes - Walrus close-upJaak Põder -  DeamingSven Zacek - Taking off from a frozen landscapeEmmanuel Boitier - The lakeHeike Odermatt - ReflectionsAlex Mustard - HitchhikerIñaki Relanzón - Micro WarriorTheo Bosboom - Summer at the cliffsWith Mom in the forestSandra Bartocha - In the night ...Meelis Kivirand - Tiny flowersZoltán Gergely Nagy - Windblownluciano gaudenzio - Sunrise on the canyonBruno D'Amicis - SurpriseWerner Bollmann – Magical TundraSven Zacek - Ghost of a dark forestRoy Mangernes - Blue Whale heading northJaak Põder - Angel or Superman?Emmanuel Boitier - A clown in the gardenHeike Odermatt - golden waterfallAlex Mustard - SpotlightIñaki Relanzón - Pyrenean sunriseTheo Bosboom - After the rainOriol Alamany - Wetlands at duskSandra Bartocha - Poppy OrigamiMeelis Kivirand - Standing IcebergsZoltán Gergely Nagy - Fiery gazeLuciano Gaudenzio - The capercaillie's visionBruno D'Amicis - Lost and foundWerner Bollmann – Marine SilhouettesJaak Põder - Fox CubRoy Mangernes - Once a glacierSven Zacek - FIND!Iñaki Relanzón - Iceland heartEmmanuel Boitier - ApolloHeike Odermatt - Svalbard feelingAlex Mustard - Life And DeathIñaki Relanzón - Iceland in blueTheo Bosboom - Rock artOriol Alamany - Peregrine and palmsSandra Bartocha - SummertimeMeelis Kivirand - Bank CoastZoltán Gergely Nagy - Lonely beech Luciano Gaudenzio - the colors of the fogBruno D'Amicis - Desert starWerner Bollmann – The ColonySven Zacek - Ice for one nightRoy Mangernes - Arctic summerJaak Põder - BuildingEmmanuel Boitier - Huang ShanHeike Odermatt - Magellanic penguin
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Latest comments

Lucy Corrander said:
Roy Mangersnes - The beginning
Oh, my!

Mag said:
Mystic Cerro Torre
Awesome country... and nice picture !

Elizabeth Dallmann said:
Sandra Bartocha - Poppies
Beautiful and original interpretation.
Nature should do this more often. I was almost made insane by the rape beetles on the beaches there.

nayyerabbas said:
Werner Bollmann – Circuit
Full HD wallpapers available in more than 25 categories.
Just one click away

Sven Zacek said:
Sven Zacek - Kemeri bog
It wasn't a glitch. I was out taking pictures, when I remembered that the next day is my day to post a photo. So I uploaded a photo that I had with me, but I couldn't resize it to proper proportions. But I do agree that aerials are best viewed very large.

Dirk said:
Roy Mangersnes - Living planet
Your picture fits your thoughts perfectly!
But one simple truth is, we can't live without "Mother Nature", but nature will stay alive without us. I'm deeply convinced that in about one thousand years there will be only some small and isolated human populations left, without any technological or industrial capabilities. And with the passing of our species, nature will recover, in fact much faster as most people guess.
We are nothing but a very short episode in the story of life on this planet. After our suicide life will continue as it does for ages. In consideration of our behaviour for me this is the only consoling thought.

cako said:
Emmanuel Boitier - Pink morning
Absolutely wonderful atmosphere in this shot ! Awesome work !

Bruno said:
Heike Odermatt - The bearded
A very different one, nice! I love the whiskers... seem made of plastic!

Sven Zacek said:
Alex Mustard - Yellow Mouth
You got to laugh, when you see such a face underwater :)

Alessandro AFNI said:
Sandra Bartocha - Sparkle
What a wonderful picture !

Helga said:
Meelis Kivirand - Midnight
O my, o my, this picture is absolutely stunning! I love Norway!

Lasse said:
Meelis Kivirand - Midnight
Magic !

lichterspiele said:
Sven Zacek - Kemeri bog
This is this kind of picture, which needs to be seen really big to enjoy its beauty.
Some days ago there was a glitch in the blog or the picture dimensions where bigger and it looked even more awesome.

Iker said:
Bruno D'Amicis - A secret place
Beautiful moment! Makes it easy to "teleport" oneself to the place :-)

Alessandro AFNI said:
Bruno D'Amicis - A secret place
Come sempre, una grande foto !

Alessandro AFNI said:
Bruno D'Amicis - A secret place
Come sempre , una grande foto!

Jost Stergarsek said:
Sven Zacek - Kemeri bog
Uaaaau! Earth is awesome!

Oriol Alamany - Puffin sunset flight
Puffin is one of those animals that most photographers want in our portfolio... Few succeed with such mastery. CONGRATULATIONS

Iker said:
Oriol Alamany - Puffin sunset flight
Beeeautiful, Oriol! :-D I LOVE the light, colours, flowers, the birds (looking at each other), the background... congratulations! :) it gives a deep sense of natural beauty :)

Lucy Corrander said:
Oriol Alamany - Puffin sunset flight
And you got one flying in. I don't think I've seen a picture of a flying puffin before.