Bruno D'Amicis - Neural networkWerner Bollmann – Harsh ConditionsSandra Bartocha - Dark FernEmmanuel Boitier - Fall (again)Zoltán Gergely Nagy - Yellows and greensBruno D'Amicis - The GiantsLuciano Gaudenzio - Unusual Lavender visionWerner Bollmann – CircuitJaak Põder - Don't let me go! (alternative title: Let me go!)Theo Bosboom - Autumn compositionLuciano Gaudenzio  - mysterious wild iris floweringSandra Bartocha - In the night ...Meelis Kivirand - Tiny flowersSandra Bartocha - Poppy OrigamiSandra Bartocha - SummertimeZoltán Gergely Nagy - Lonely beech Sandra Bartocha - Lush greensEmmanuel Boitier - The Pine TreeOriol Alamany - Alpine reflectionsWerner Bollmann – Dreamy MeadowSandra Bartocha - The Colours of SummerSandra Bartocha - Poppy ImpressionZoltán Gergely Nagy - Golden violetSven Zacek - Bad with birthdaysOriol Alamany - Poppy field at sunsetMeelis Kivirand - willow catkinsWerner Bollmann – CowslipSandra Bartocha - A BreezeBruno D'Amicis - Judas treeWerner Bollmann – Stylish AlienSandra Bartocha - The Star of the Forestluciano gaudenzio - Spring in the beech woodWerner Bollmann – Pretty In PinkTheo Bosboom - Fish eye anemonesSandra Bartocha - Golden StructuresWerner Bollmann – Birch FlashEmmanuel Boitier - ...and the whiteEmmanuel Boitier - The green and...Sandra Bartocha - Colour ExplosionEmmanuel Boitier - Time for SpringTheo Bosboom - Patterns in the iceSandra Bartocha - Early SpringMeelis Kivirand - Anemonesluciano gaudenzio - Backlit snowdropsEmmanuel Boitier - Snowy morningZoltán Gergely Nagy - When winter returnsJaak Põder - Anemones and mosquitoEmmanuel Boitier - Of tree and snowIñaki Relanzón - Afromontane vegetationMeelis Kivirand - small pine treeHeike Odermatt - Pine tree in the snowSandra Bartocha - Last LightEmmanuel Boitier - A Cold TwilightTheo Bosboom - Warm and coldSandra Bartocha - Fine LinesEmmanuel Boitier - SnowfallSandra Bartocha - Thorned BeautyZoltán Gergely Nagy - Autumn in a pine forestOriol Alamany - Two fallsluciano gaudenzio - in the mistWerner Bollmann - Tidal PoolSandra Bartocha - Golden CurtainWerner Bollmann – Strange CreaturesAlex Mustard - Spring TimeSandra Bartocha - RaindropsWerner Bollmann – MushroomedMeelis Kivirand - blueberriesTheo Bosboom - In the mood for autumnSandra Bartocha - WaterlilySandra Bartocha - GlowEmmanuel Boitier - The tree flowersTheo Bosboom - Purple loosestrifeSandra Bartocha - Ink ReedSven Zacek - Hidden treasureJaak Põder - GhostTheo Bosboom - Wild flower impressionSandra Bartocha - Sundewluciano gaudenzio - In colorsSandra Bartocha - Lady of the ForestWerner Bollmann – Little BeautySandra Bartocha - Here comes the sun ...Sandra Bartocha - Snowdrop AnemoneWerner Bollmann – Archaicluciano gaudenzio - simply springBruno D'Amicis - Primary colorsSandra Bartocha - WindflowerHeike Odermatt - Anemone nemorosaMeelis Kivirand - water plantSandra Bartocha - DelicateWerner Bollmann – FragileSandra Bartocha - SpringJaak Põder - European White WaterlilyHeike Odermatt - Light in winter forestSandra Bartocha - TreesZoltán Gergely Nagy - SnowdropZoltán Gergely Nagy - Sunset with dog's tooth violetSandra Bartocha - Winter ForestMeelis Kivirand - the twigWerner Bollmann – Seventies Back?Sandra Bartocha - Reed
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Latest comments

Heike said:
Heike Odermatt - Spotlight in the forest
Thank you, Susan and Helga! I made this image in the 'Speulderbos' in Garderen.

Helga said:
Heike Odermatt - Spotlight in the forest
Abolutely gorgeous, this picture! Where in the Netherlands did you take it?

Susan. v Rij said:
Theo Bosboom - Sand snow sea sky
Mèèr blijk je niet nodig te hebben voor een prachtige foto!

Susan. v Rij said:
Heike Odermatt - Spotlight in the forest

Judy Royal Glenn said:
Bruno D'Amicis - Kitschy nature
Great capture of the chamois and the moon. What a great surprise!

Judy Royal Glenn said:
Heike Odermatt - Blue hour

Zoltan Nagy said:
Zoltán Gergely Nagy - On the edge
Thanks Jordi!

Jordi Pagès said:
Zoltán Gergely Nagy - On the edge
Wooow! Very dramatic and dynamic image!! Congratulations Zoltán!

Jordi Pagès said:
Bruno D'Amicis - The face of extinction
Congratulations for such a great work! I love this image and I love the way you are using photography to explain messages. I had never heard of this beautiful species... I really hope these images make a change for them! Congratulations for your award at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year with another image with message (fenecs). Lots of luck!

Werner said:
Bruno D'Amicis - The face of extinction
Thanks for sharing!

Mark Wiseman said:
Roy Mangersnes - Kong Karls Land
Wonderful image Roy! I cannot believe some dispute climate change.

Roy said:
Roy Mangersnes - Kong Karls Land
Actually there were two bears behind us on the ice, to far inn for photography. Some landscaps while waiting ;-)

Sven Zacek said:
Roy Mangersnes - Kong Karls Land
Wha, no bear!? The reason I was hoping for one is that you have spoiled us with your previous photos :)

Lucy Corraner said:
Emmanuel Boitier - Fall (again)
It comes every year. And every year it's a surprise.

Adolfo Díez said:
Heike Odermatt - Fall
Like a hug, I really like the moment. Nice colors and composition Heike.

Photo said:
ORIOL ALAMANY - Rock needles and threatening weather
Wow. Great photo. congrulations..

Antonio said:
Luciano Gaudenzio - Unusual Lavender vision
Grande scatto Luciano

Lucy Corrander said:
Roy Mangersnes - The beginning
Oh, my!

Mag said:
Mystic Cerro Torre
Awesome country... and nice picture !

Elizabeth Dallmann said:
Sandra Bartocha - Poppies
Beautiful and original interpretation.
Nature should do this more often. I was almost made insane by the rape beetles on the beaches there.