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Oriol Alamany

Oriol Alamany - Spain

I live in a big city, so since my childhood I enjoy every moment I can be outdoors. I feel just as well creating pictures in the mountains near my home, as in some of the most remote places on Earth. I love travelling around our planet and feel in peace with myself anywhere in nature.
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Bruno Damicis

Bruno D'Amicis - Italy

It's hard to photograph animals in the wild, but I want to be true. So I stay away from easy locations or enclosures and strive instead to give a wild feeling with my pics, framing a subjects within its context and patiently waiting for behavior.
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Sandra Bartocha

Sandra Bartocha - Germany

The beauty of nature is a great source of inspiration to me. I try to photograph nature in an artistic way rather than trying to document it, focusing on details, light, colours and moods and using creative camera techniques to capture the beauty of a scene in the best way.
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Emmanuel Boitier

Emmanuel Boitier - France

To be in the nature is not a hobby or a pastime, it is only essential and vital.
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Werner Bollmann

Werner Bollmann - Germany

I love nature -
I love photography -
I'm a nature photographer.
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Theo Bosboom

Theo Bosboom - Netherlands

For me nature photography is the ideal mix between enjoying the wonders of nature, being outdoors and creative expression. And if it can help a little bit to preserve nature, I would be very happy.
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Luciano Gaudenzio

Luciano Gaudenzio - Italy

Degas said "It's not enough for an artist to see, he must make others see." Photography allows non only documenting the beauty of nature in the world but gives everyone a Reason for Hope...
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Meelis Kivirand

Meelis Kivirand - Estonia

Nature photographing has become my greatest passion. Especially I enjoy being in the wild nature where human activity can't be seen. I'm glad to share these moments and wonderful views with you.
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Roy Mangersnes

Roy Mangersnes - Norway

The camera is my weapon of choice and I will use it to promote my love for nature.
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Alex Mustard

Alex Mustard - Great Britain

My passion is for underwater nature. My hope is to entertain, enthuse and educate with photos of creatures, great and small, from the oceans and freshwater.
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Zoltan Nagy

Zoltán Gergely Nagy - Romania

The passion in my photography comes from being out and exploring nature, and from trying to understand natural processes. I strive to remain true, hoping to share questions and stories of our fascinating world in the spirit of my curiosity.
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Heike Odermatt

Heike Odermatt - Netherlands

My passion is to capture the beauty of the nature we live in. A world we have to be careful with.
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Jaak Põder

Jaak Põder - Estonia

I hope that when I see an interesting jumping spider, I do not need at the same time to fly for example to the Olympics to take pics of bobsleigh competition.
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Iñaki Relanzón

Iñaki Relanzón - Spain

This job is not a job. Is a way of life.
My essence, my soul is what my photographs reflect.
To show.
To enjoy.
To preserve.
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Sven Za?ek

Sven Začek - Estonia

Nature is full of small miracles noone has ever seen. I like to look for these miracles in light and in animal behaviour so that I can later rediscover them in my pictures.
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Former blog participants

Stian Holmen

Stian Holmen - Norway

I love to shoot nature and wildlife, but i don´t know if i would call myself a nature photographer. Not in the sense of a photographer who makes documentaries. Not if it puts my pictures in such a narrow category.
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Dieter Damschen

Dieter Damschen - Germany

Catching moments from ones subjective view is one thing. Setting free the beholders emotions by this is the other one.
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Serkan Gûnes

Serkan Gûnes - Sweden

I take great pleasure in wildlife photography but landscape photography dwell in my heart.
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