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Fa said:

2018-12-17 23:15:41

Ari-Matti Nikula - Christmas Tree Impression

Beautiful photos.

peruanska maka said:

2018-12-16 05:27:46

Markus Varesvuo - Capercaillies in a tree

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Petra Vanroy said:

2018-12-08 15:16:28

Sepp Hackhofer - Under a red sky

Another picture that takes your breathe away .... so beautiful! The brightness of the mountains in contrast to the "warm", soft sky. The white clouds that give the picture more depth... Nice composition. I'm glad you chose this view to photograph, and not the classic Drei Zinnen! (or did you photograph them as well?)

Rachel Chappell said:

2018-11-23 11:35:15

Daróczi Csaba - The last autumn image

What wonderful colours.

Centerpons said:

2018-11-22 22:03:14

Markus Varesvuo - Fall Jays

Great and fascinating photo, well done!

reebok classic size 4 said:

2018-11-22 09:41:51

Daróczi Csaba - The last autumn image

"y que llevan a cabo desde Arlafolk (Premio MT Joven Valor, Premio MT Trayectoria y Premio MT Mejor Disco Folk del año Reino de León)."

Friteuse said:

2018-11-20 13:49:46

Daróczi Csaba - Jungle - Kiskunság NP, Hungary

What a beautiful picture!

Robotstofzuiger said:

2018-11-19 23:48:14

Jonathan Lhoir - Beech

Fantastic picture, well done!

Oriol Alamany said:

2018-11-19 22:31:28

Oriol Alamany - Bearded vulture and waterfall

Thanks, glad you like it.

Robotmaaier said:

2018-11-15 10:02:21

Sepp Hackhofer - Just mud

Great picture. I recently started with photographing, and see that I have much to learn.