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Anonymous said:

2019-11-16 18:35:30

Markus Varesvuo - Snowshoes

very nice pictures

Henrald said:

2019-11-16 18:33:50

Markus Varesvuo - Snowshoes

alert(“nice pictures!”)

Henrald said:

2019-11-16 18:32:48

Markus Varesvuo - Snowshoes

alert(“this website is vulnerable”)

Anonymous said:

2019-11-14 19:22:14

Markus Varesvuo - Snowshoes

Stunning photo - caught at the perfect moment. You have the eyes of a master

ulrichschiegg said:

2019-11-13 23:36:07

Werner Bollmann - Wild Waters

Great one.

ulrichschiegg said:

2019-11-13 23:32:39

Werner Bollmann - Dipper’s Paradise

The Lys one is stunning too.

carlo emilio marconi said:

2019-10-27 18:25:37

Daróczi Csaba - Fight


Leen Bazzi said:

2019-10-21 20:10:01

Theo Bosboom - Bacterial film

Hi. I'm a university student making a scientific poster about chemoatutorophs and I was wondering if you could give me permission to use your picture? If so, how should I cite it? Thank you

Alex Mustard said:

2019-10-21 11:16:03

Cindy Jeannon - Float in the midst of the autumn

What a beauty

magicpicture photography said:

2019-10-21 09:58:12

João Cosme - Great Grey Shrike( Lanius excubitor)

Excellent use of blur effect!